9 Must-Have Items to Make Holiday Travel Bright

Traveling with Kids: 9 Must-Have Items to Make Holiday Travel Bright!

The holidays are a wonderful time for visiting with friends and family. Sometimes that means traveling across the city, state, or even partway across the country. Especially when flying with your little ones, your packing will likely involve more challenges than simply trying to remember how many ounces of liquids you’re allowed in your carry-on luggage.

After all, regardless of whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, that’s a long time to ask a kid to sit still and be quiet. The key to a happy trip is to plan ahead, pack strategically, and know how to keep your small-sized traveler comfortable and entertained.

The following are a few handy items to bring with you on your trip this year, to keep all your spirits bright and (hopefully) stress-free:

  1. A wheelie bag – A kid having his or her own roller bag feels all grown up, looking just like you with your luggage. This can also make it easier to find his or her carry-on items because they’re all stored together.
  2. Travel games – Depending on your child’s age and the activities he or she enjoys, there are lots of fun, small-sized travel games you can pack for regular sources of entertainment. These can include mini magnetic games (tic tac toe, etc), drawing pads, coloring books, crayons, toy “friends,” a tablet, and headphones.
  3. Portable charger – That tablet full of fun game apps is only helpful when it has enough juice to keep going. A portable charger can help to keep the batteries all powered up for hours of extra entertainment. Our favorite is made by Mogix. It’s small and convenient, yet super powerful! You can use code MOGIXPOW to receive 15% off on Amazon.
  4. A Lovey – The cuddly familiar look, feel and smell of a lovey can be extremely soothing to a child.  If he or she is anxious to travel or you just want to make the trip as calm as possible, don’t leave home without your kid’s lovey. Our new lovey animals do just the trick.
  5. Snacks – These are great for keeping a child busy, happy and quiet.  They can also double as a makeshift lunch when the airport terminal doesn’t have kid friendly food available or when you’re a long way from the next rest stop or town.
  6. A pillow – A small sized pillow in a snuggly pillowcase can instantly turn an uncomfortable car seat, plane seat or airport lounge chair into a comfy place for your kid to relax or even get a bit of sleep.
  7. Lavender spray – A small spritz of lavender linen spray can help calm a child and ease him or her to sleep, particularly if it is a scent used at home at bedtime. This item is best saved for car trips as many airports and airplanes have regulations against spraying fragrances due to the sensitivities of other passengers. Or you can pre-spray a pillow or article of clothing.
  8. Emergency bag – This is a small bag to slip inside your carry-on luggage which contains a change of clothes (because you never know), wet wipes, bandaids, tissues, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hairbrush, a thermometer or fever strip, or anything else you might need on hand.
  9. Sunscreen – A long car ride near a window on a sunny day could be a recipe for a sunburn, even in winter. With a tube of sunscreen on hand, you’ll be ready to apply and re-apply to keep skin moisturized and protected from burns.

The last thing you’ll want to bring with you is a great attitude, a lot of patience, and some great songs to sing together to keep the feeling festive.