7 Ultimate Parenting Solutions for Kids Who Hate Bath Time

Toddlers have a knack for turning otherwise simple routines into dramas of epic proportions. When it comes to bath time, some kids are water babies while others seem to want to redefine the term “soap opera.” There are a ton of reasons your kid might not want to take a bath today. They include everything from being afraid of getting sucked down the drain to simply feeling moody after a long and tiring day.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are a ton of simple, easy, affordable and – most importantly – effective solutions you can keep handy to ensure a happy bath time.

Here are some of those ultimate parenting solutions you’ll wonder how you ever bath timed without:

  1.      Bubbles – Creating a bubble bath may sound like an obvious strategy, but bubbles make bath time fun. To keep things interesting and stop the bubbles from becoming a stale experience, don’t use bubbles every single time. Make it a treat for when your little one really needs it.
  2.      Toys –  You may feel inclined to simply toss a few waterproof toys from your kid’s toy box into the bath water, but if you want to create a real appeal for the bath, get some great toys that allowed only for playtime in the tub. Kids absolutely love toys that float in the water or that they can fill and pour out. Just make sure the toys won’t hold too much water so gallons of it won’t accidentally end up on the floor.
  3.     Soap paints and crayons – Bath time paints and crayons let your little one exercise an artistic side impossible in any other room of the house. After all, they let your kid paint and scribble on the tub and walls. Afterward, all you need to do is rinse it away – some take a bit of a wipe with a sponge.  They can even turn the bath water fun colors.
  4.      Bath visor – These inexpensive investments are a wonderful way to help keep water out of your child’s eyes, especially while his or her hair is being washed.  Many kids are afraid of getting water in their eyes, but with a visor and a washcloth, it’s easy to stop that from happening.
  5.      Drain protection – If your kid is nervous about being washed down the drain, take him or her out of the tub before pulling the plug.  Once your child is out, let him or her watch the water as it whirlpools down the drain. Leave a couple of floating toys in there to demonstrate how they don’t get washed away with the water.
  6.      Use the toilet – Encourage your child to use the toilet before getting into the tub.  This can help to avoid accidentally going while in the bath water. For some kids, that’s a very upsetting experience and can make a child not want to get back in the tub for a while.
  7.      Use soothing products – Choose bath time products that have soothing scents and that are gentle on the skin.  A bit of aromatherapy with natural scents such as lavender and chamomile can go a long way.  The same can be said about using products that won’t irritate sensitive skin. If you haven’t already, check out our baby and toddler lotion made with lavender and chamomile. It’s smells fantastic and is very soothing before bedtime.