Father’s Day DIY Gift

Father’s Day is quickly approaching! If you haven’t already found a gift, or if you want to have one that is mostly handmade, then this is the perfect DIY for you and your little ones! With a couple of supplies and bit of creativity, you can make this personalized “tool box” for under $20! Whether you are making it for dad or grandpa, we’re sure they’re going to love it!

Things you will need:

20-30 small rocks (store bought or you can find them outdoors)

paint pens

3 little cloth bags

wooden or metal box

1 black marker & 1 red marker

a few of dad’s favorite things (snacks, drinks, etc.)

How to:

1. Tic Tac Toe

Kids love to play with dad! This is a great bag that dad can keep in the car to bring out at a restaurant or anywhere that a quick game is in order. Makes it easy on dad and is fun too!

• With your black marker, take one cloth bag and draw 4 lines to make a tic tac toe board. Make sure each square is big enough to fit a rock inside of the lines

• Take 8 rocks and draw X’s on 4 and O’s on the remaining 4 with your paint pens. We used white for all of ours, but you can always switch it up with some color!

• Let the rocks dry for 20-30 minutes and place them in the bag. You now have a fun game to play with dad or grandpa!

2. I Love Daddy Because…

It IS Father’s Day after all. What a special way to let dad remember what the kids feel about him. He can keep them in a special place in the bag, or transfer them to a bowl in the office.

• Take one cloth bag and a black marker and write “We ♥ Daddy” on it. Color the heart in with a red marker.

• Take 10 (give or take a few) rocks and write all of the reasons your little one loves daddy on them. We used plenty of different colors and unique rocks to make it extra special!

• Once the rocks have dried thoroughly, fill the newly made bag up and it’s ready! Such an easy way to make dad smile!

3. Fun Bag

Probably the hardest thing on days off is what to do! Here is a fun gift for dad or the whole family to pick a fun activity!

• With the last bag, take a marker (or paint pen) and write “FUN BAG” on the front. You can be creative with it!

• With your little one, think of all of the fun things they like to do with their dad! Whether its riding bikes or swimming in the pool, anything goes! Once you’ve found come up with a list, write each activity on one rock.

• After the rocks dry, place them in the bag. Now you have the perfect way for your little one and their dad to decide what to do together! Just shake the bag up, and big a random rock. Voila!

Happy Father’s Day all you great dads out there! 🙂