Mother’s Day Craft

There are so many amazing crafts one can do for Mother’s Day, but the hand print crafts are always our favorite because they are keepers! We bought a canvas, and used our 2 boys’ hands to make the rays of sunshine. What could be more simple? Whether it’s for you, a mom you know, or for grandma, for sure they will love this reminder of their sunshine!


  • Canvas or stock paper make it best for saving
  • Paint brush Yellow and orange paint
  • Little hands!
  • Baby wipes or water & paper towels nearby

Step 1: Paint a circle for the center of the sun on the left side of the canvas (or paper) leaving enough room for little hands to go around it.

Step 2: Paint the tips of your little one’s fingers with yellow paint, and then the palm orange. We recommend doing 1 hand at a time!  Gently place your child’s hand where you want it and press firmly.


Step 3: Repeat with the other hand. If you have two children, it makes an interesting sun! If not, hopefully you can get a few presses from each hand!

Step 4: Write “You are my sunshine” with paint on the side (or another phrase you like!)

This will be a simple keepsake for any mom or grandma for years to come!

Happy Mother’s Day!